Five bedroom wall art prints to boost your energy!

Wake up, wake up! - It's a beautiful morning! The sun is shining, the birds are chipping, the cats are 'meowing' and the dogs are enjoying the nearest park.

But you feel totally different, your new catchphrase is 'which way is it to the bathroom?', your hair is a disheveled mess, you look into the mirror and notice that you have a little piece of food next to your mouth that you didn't notice from dinner the night before.

We don't sell hair brushes, or a secret ingredient to add to your dinner to make you feel energetic when you awake. But we can help you find the exact kind of wall art you need for your bedroom walls to have you jumping out of bed in the morning, with bags of energy.

The print that makes you go 'yes it's great to be alive today!'.

If you know the film Coming to America, it will be exactly like the scene where Eddie Murphy shouts 'Good morning to you too!', out of his apartment, from the roof tops. Great film!

So without further ado. Here's Strength of Characters top five bedroom wall art prints to boost your energy in the morning:

#1 Rise and Shine Print

Our handmade Rise and Shine print comes in at numero uno. Why? Because it's hand-made, because it looks beautiful in yellow, and because the centralised flower is highly detailed. The flower in the print has been crafted by our friend Hassan, he's an amazing drawing talent, and works heavily in the 3D space.

If you hate the color, hate is a strong word, if you dislike the color yellow, you can buy this wall art print in 7 other colors, yes 7! Amazing!

Rise and Shine wall art print

#2 Always Kiss Me Goodnight Print

Are you the bit of a romantic? Are you? Yes perhaps you are. Brilliant! Then this Always Kiss me Goodnight print is for you. Why is it for you? - You can get it, show it to your partner, he or she will love it and he or she will continue to kiss you goodnight every evening. Awww how sweet. If you are not the romantic type, don't bother getting this print, and invest your money elsewhere!

always kiss me goodnight wall art print

#3 All of You Loves All Me Print

Strength of Character hasn't started selling nursery prints online as yet, but this wall art print makes the perfect piece of wall art for a nursery, as you know you can also match the prints color to your nursery decor as well, so it will definitely look lovely. All of Me Loves All of You is inspired by the John Legend song, but the words 'All of me loves all of you'. We can imagine humans throughout time have been saying these words to each other.

all of me loves all of you print

#4 Sweet Dreams Print

Sweet Dreams are made of these! With this print, they really could be made of this. This wall art print is not necessarily for waking up to, but for going to bed to! As soon as you take a look at this print, it will transport you to a dream world with it's dreamy typography, against a colorful backdrop. We're loving the Sweet Dreams print with a baby blue background color. I can also imagine this Sweet Dreams print will look amazing in a kids nursery.

Sweet dreams print

#5 Enjoy the Sun Print

The Enjoy the Sun print, has a very special place in my heart, as it was the last thing my aunty said to me before she passed away. It was a beautiful day when we saw each other last, she told me 'Philip, remember to enjoy the sun.' I tried to make this print as energetic and sunshiny as possible, just like my aunties personality. This is the ultimate self care print for ones bedroom.

enjoy the sun print

If you need still need some more ideas on how to decorate your bedroom, or what bedroom wall art prints to place up feel free to have a chat with us!

Much love,

Philip (@Strength of Character)