Personalised wall art prints collection

Personalised Wall Art Prints

25 products

25 products

Personalised wall art prints collection

Turn your words into a modern, abstract, contemporary or traditional personalised wall art print.

Our collection of personalised wall art prints can be personalised to your or the gift receivers homes decor. We specialise in color and offer our products in a choice of colors, which includes grey, pink, white, duck egg, yellow, pink, blue and baby blue.

The personalised wall art print will show off words chosen by you, these could be a favourite quote, family motto, a short song lyric or perhaps something funny that a family member / friend said!

Choose between our various wall art print designs such as our vibrant and bold typography print with background drop shadow, or our 'handwriting' typography design. Perhaps you like the traditional flower style, then go for our modern hand drawn and illustrated modern flower designs which we've turned into highly detailed wall art prints.

Review your personalised wall art print before shipping

If you would like to review your wall art print design before it is shipped, please check  'Yes - please email me my design so I can review it' when you order the print. We will send an email with the design to review. We will email your preview to the email address you provide to us at checkout. If you are not happy with the design we will fully refund you! 

Personalised Family Prints

We'll turn your family names ( including pet and dog names ) into a beautiful piece of personalised family wall art print. These prints look stunning as they include our hand drawn flowers. In the print itself you can see the amazing detailing of each and ever flower.

Personalised Name Prints

Do you want a personalised name print, as a present for a loved one, or perhaps for your daughter or sons room. Maybe for yourself as a self care gift. Everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while!

Personalised Quote Prints

For the personalised quote prints feel free to choose any words, these are usually a funny quote, that has relevance to a gift receiver or it could be something that a family member / friend said! We've had these given as graduation gifts & birthday gifts. Dream up your best quote and let us design a print around the quote!

High quality detailed personalised wall art prints

At Strength of Character we lovingly create our designs before turning them into high quality detailed wall art prints.We personalise, design and make our wall art prints in the UK, and ship worldwide.

We print only on 250gsm thick high quality glossy paper using the best inks, so that the print shows off the high detailing of our Strength of Character designs!

Please note

THE FRAME IS FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY and is not shipped with the wall art print.