10 Creative Ideas To Plan Your Nursery Decor Like a Designer

1. Decorate your nursery to a budget

Consider how much you want to spend on your nursery decor - with a new baby on the way, you may want to stick to a budget.

Before you start dreaming about your nursery decor, it is a great idea to consider your budget. It allows you to be realistic and to stop any nesting instincts going overboard. Your new baby deserves a beautiful nursery but ultimately what will matter more to them is the love you give to them, and of course cuddles!

Start by making a list of all the nursery essentials and extras you want to buy, and then do some research to see how much you’re willing to spend. Then you can work out how much is left of your budget to spend on decorative aspects such as nursery prints, bookshelves, paint, wallpaper, soft toys, and rugs.

2. Make a note of nursery essentials and optional extras that you need to purchase

Nursery essentials and optional extras include a crib, crib mattress, mattress cover, a changing table, night light, breastfeeding chair, nappy bin (diaper bin for our US readers), baby monitor, rocking chair, blackout blinds and curtains, storage options, and play matt. Remember to consider safety and quality. For example avoid buying 2nd hand cribs as they may no longer live up to the latest safety standards.

3. Measure the room, that you'll use for the nursery

It is a great idea to consider the size of your room and how many items will realistically fit into your nursery. Most importantly, take some precise measurements of the room and keep them in mind throughout the whole nursery decorating process.

4. Ask yourself - how will you and your family use the nursery?

What exactly are you expecting from your new nursery? How do you expect to use it? For example, do you want the nursery to be just a functional nursery, or do you also want it to be a play area? Will you need lots of storage? Do you want a space where both parents can sit down and chill with the baby?

5. Think about colors, before committing to a nursery theme. 

Before committing to a theme or searching for that perfect nursery theme, there are a few practical things about nursery designs you may want to consider. For example, do you want to create a gender neutral nursery?  Do you want to add splashes of colour to your nursery to stimulate your baby’s brain and eyesight? Do you want to create a calming and cosy environment? Bear in mind, a cosy and calming nursery is particularly perfect for days when you’re exhausted.

6. Use Pinterest to narrow down your nursery aesthetic

Pinterest is a great place to find images of the latest nursery room trends such as Scandinavian inspired nursery designs. This is where the fun really begins! - Now is the time to explore the theme you have chosen or discover a theme you may not have considered so far.

The perfect Pinterest pinning strategies for creating a nursery

If you have a particular nursery theme in mind you can start pinning that look straight away or if you are not sure what kind of nursery decor you would like, start pinning any nursery designs that inspired you so you can narrow down your aesthetic. If you have no idea what kind of theme you would like, a good tip is to use Google to search for the latest and trendiest nursery decor ideas and come back to Pinterest once you have a clearer theme in mind.

It’s best to pin nursery rooms that are fully decorated so you can be inspired by an overall look. Remember to also pin items such as stylish cribs etc which may or may not be within your budget because you may find a cheaper or similar alternative elsewhere.

Pin various nursery prints that are particularly interesting as they may spark off a whole new direction in your aesthetic. You may also want to consider what your focal point(s) should be and start pinning those items.

Choose your nursery theme and narrow down the images you’re most interested in and put them all in one final board. Use this final Pinterest board as your nursery mood board.

7. Use your imagination in the room that will be the nursery!

Once you have created a final Pinterest board with your favourite pins. It’s time to go back to the room which will become the nursery. Armed with your best Pinterest nursery images you can start imagining what the room might look like and how you would like to divide the various areas of your room. For example, will you divide your room into various areas, such as an area for breastfeeding, a storage area, a play area etc Consider where the main items such as the changing matt might be placed keeping in mind the size of the room. Now that you have a theme in mind, think about how would you like to bring your theme alive, what paint colours you will use? what will be your focal point?

8. Do a sketch of the nursery (optional)

If so inclined you can also do a rough sketch of your room. The best way to draw your room is from a vanishing point perspective. Your drawing doesn’t need to be perfect or drawn like an interior designer, as long as it helps you to begin to visualise the nursery you are dreaming of and takes into consideration the rough real-life sizes of various pieces of nursery decor.

9. Nursery decor window shopping time!

It’s time for some window shopping! Window shopping will help you to work out the exact items you would like in your nursery, it will also help you to collect items that fit your nursery theme. Shop for key items at first and match their colours to your theme. When it comes to the bigger items always remember to check the measurements you have taken of the room. Window shopping also allows you to look at a wide range of items and matching them before jumping in and buying the first items you see. Remember to also add items such as paint, wallpaper designs, rugs, photo frames, and nursery prints.

For online shopping finds, you can use the Pinterest ‘save button’ google chrome extension to save pins as you browse or for high-street shopping add items to your board by taking a photo of the items. Remember to keep an eye on your budget as you pin.

10. Shop your nursery look

You can now narrow down the items you have put in your shopping Pinterest board. Check the prices of items again and see where you can compromise or stretch your budget and where you need to cut back. Check the measurements of items again and go back to your nursery and see how they would fit into your room. Consider which items match your nursery theme well and which items don’t look right together, discard those items. Make sure you have matched them to the paint, carpets, and any wallpaper or decorative items you want to use.

Now it’s time to start painting your nursery and buying your nursery decor! Buy the practical items first and then start fitting the decorative items around the bigger nursery pieces such as the crib.

Now relax!

Finally, it’s time to relax and put your feet up before the baby arrives!

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